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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Power of Silence

Yesterday I went and tried Power of Silence.  I went out to Hueco at about noon, after confirming that they had a spot open.  As I pulled up, there was another guy there unpacking to head up as well.  He headed up the path before me but we met up at Power of Silence by chance and began working it together.  Ian has worked it a little more than me so I stole some of his beta; opting, however to skip the intermediate.

After realizing that this problem is way more taxing than we both thought, we decided to go meet up with some friends of his, over at Sign of the Cross.

I think this is what I really love about climbing, especially bouldering.  I went to Hueco by myself, not expecting to meet up with anyone, and ended up meeting some good people and worked a hard boulder problem for a couple of hours.  Hopefully Power of Silence will go soon.  I really like it.

Also, there is another video of the Yank-N-Yard up.  Here it is.