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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back at the Gym

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been climbing.  For the first time since last June, I have been into a gym.  I bought a two-week pass to Metro Rock Gym, which I reviewed in an earlier post and it was great.  I have lost a lot of strength, but I am really motivated to climb hard again.  I am down a few grades, but I can feel the gains coming back, and my finger injury seems to have completely healed.  I probably won't buy a pass quite yet, as I am not sure how much I will be able to get to the gym between school and work.  During the summer for sure though.  Hopefully all the time.

Also, as a very small milestone, this is my 100th post on my blog.  Whoopeee!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cold Cold Cold!

Well, I finally bundled up and went out to climb in the cold.  I have to say that if you start out warm, and have a bit of a hike in, it really isn't that bad.  My problem with the cold is that I usually don't start out warm.

I didn't get on but one problem, but it felt nice to be on real rock.  It was maybe a little V2 at most but I played around on it doing different variations for about 30 min.  It helped that my back was to the sun, so I really stayed warm.  Unfortunately, to take these pictures, I stepped in the snow with my climbing shoes and my feet got very cold very quickly.

Regardless, I think that I may be able to get out to Farley Ledge and do some stuff on a particularly warm weekend.  That would be nice.

But since Mass is so cold, I have been confined to climbing in my basement on my hangboards, rock rings, and powerballs.  As the picture a few posts back has shown, I do have a small piece of plywood that has 5 t-nuts in it for switching out holds.  However, not being satisfied with that, I decided to put up more holds.  Being out of t-nuts and having a box full of broken holds, I decided to drill holes in the holds and make them screw-ons.  They worked beautifully and I successfully set a very difficult training problem across the length of my basement.  Most of the holds are pretty small and don't need much in the way of fasteners, so they now have two screws each.  I have worked the whole problem and when I get it I will try to snap a video to show how it goes.  Until then.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Even robots wear 'em!

This could be affirmative proof that 5.10 makes the best shoes out there.  This is a short video of the Atlas robot making its ascent up some stairs.  They wanted to make the robot have the best traction possible, so of course they went with 5.10s.  They appear to be spires, or similar. 

Just a random fact of the day!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Trying to train.

So I put up my hangboards and rings and powerballs, along with a short board to bolt holds to, in my basement.  It's nice that it has natural rock walls for feet to practice moves and the roof should allow for a good bit of climbing area.  Just have to get some plywood up and see what goes down.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Gate Fails

So, I don't normally post non-climbing things on my blog but this is really interesting.  There is a gate at some location in Europe, judging by the longer license plates and Lithuanian delivery company that people continually fail at.  Hit in the head, hitting their car, or just running straight into it.  I don't have a clue where it is, but it seems that the security people get a kick out of people running into this gate.  If you have seen videos of this gate or know where it might be, comment below.

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAIp5tPFcbQ
2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFoq8-Xszjs
3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-8H6dkPTfc
4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMBkxZ2ooQg

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gettin' Better

Slowly my finger is getting better.  Still a little sore, but no longer hurting when I am doing mundane tasks, so that is a plus.  Soon I'll get out and actually climb and see how it goes.  I did some door frame pullups on some 1/2 inch crimps and it seems like it's feeling much better than a few months ago.  Hopefully I'll be as good as new.  Just an update for now, but I'll let you all know how it goes when I hit the rock.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Boston Rock Gym - Woburn, MA

So this post is a little late but good nonetheless.  While my dad was still here, we went to Woburn and went to the Boston Rock Gym there.

Not knowing what to expect, I didn't think anything of it when we pulled up to your typical warehouse looking facade.  We went in and I was wonderfully surprised.

The first room we went in had maybe 30 V7 to V8s and was set to all styles of climbing.  There were overhangs, slopers, crimps, juggy problems and really tensiony Choir Boys type problems.

Of course, I was limited by my finger injury, but I got on some V9s regardless and they felt really true to grade.  They climbed well and were really fun.  One thing of note, was that the gym was actually kept at a pretty reasonable temperature.  Most gyms I visit are far too hot for the level of humidity present.

Of most notability was the training setup at the gym.  Among many other things they had, like ropes, rings and those gymnastics curtains, was a treadwall.  It was much more challenging than I remember it, but my shoes were not really conducive to some of the smaller holds.  Lots of fun though.  They also had your typical campus and hang boards on the adjacent wall.

Of there main rooms, there is one with a full crack spectrum.   Here I am attempting to knee jam, hand jam, and fingerlock all at once.

Thanks to my dad for these pictures.

Also, as an interesting fact, I think my dad should have been a climber.  He actually beat me at the grip tug of war game at the end of the session.

Size of Facility:          Great
Route Asthetics:         Good
Route Climbability:    Good
Route Maitenence:    Great
Training Equipment: Great
Staff Friendliness:       Great
Staff Knowledge:      Fair

Grade Trueness  V1-V4: - True  V5-V7: True V8+: True

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dr. Pepper fixed gear

For those of you that knew me in college, you remember that I was really into bikes.  However, it was all really put on hold when I went into the Army and then lived in El Paso.  In El Paso, everything is so spread apart and there aren't that many places that are nice to ride your bike.  Here in Boston, however, I am riding at least 10 miles a day and really happy about it.  As an ode to my reignited passion, I have some pictures of my bike to put up.

I am so glad to be riding again.


For those of you wondering, the frame is a 1972 Astra Tour de France that I painted myself.  There aren't really any "sick" components on the bike, rather, just that is is simple and classic.  Just like the taste of Dr. Pepper...haha.  I crack myself up.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fort Bliss Climbing Wall - El Paso, TX

So, I figured since I left El Paso, it was about time to review what was once my home wall.  The Fort Bliss Climbing wall in the Robert Loeza Soldier Activity Center is the only gym in El Paso.  The wall was only built in August 2012 so it is very new.  Similarly, the staff is also very new and very few (at this point none) of them have any setting experience.  Sometimes that turns out very awkward and silly, but other times it ends up with some really cool moves.

The gym wall is only about 25 feet high, which makes it a little difficult to really train any amount of endurance but we work with what we have.  One of the best parts of the wall, though is the people.  Strangely enough, there is only a limited amount of soldiers.  The wall is rich in locals from the El Paso area, very hyped on climbing.  Up until June 15th, the gym was free to all patron over 18 (the facility does not allow children) but now the fee is 5 dollars a day and something around 150 for 6 months.  The facility is a nice, clean place and the atmosphere is pretty good.  I would recommend stopping by this place if you're in town just to check it out.

Size of Facility:          Poor
Route Asthetics:         Good
Route Climbability:    Good
Route Maitenence:    Good
Training Equipment:  Poor
Staff Friendliness:       Great
Staff Knowledge:       Fair

Grade Trueness  V1-V4: - 0-1  V5-V7: True V8+: True


Dyno Rock - Arlington, TX

The Gym closest to Fort Worth is Arlington's own DynoRock Climbing Gym.  It is near the stadium and is pretty easily found.  The cost for a day bouldering pass with gear was 12 dollars and if you were to get on rope I think it was 16 bucks.  One unfortunate thing, however, is that on my wonderful send day at Hueco, I managed to strain my A2 pulley in my right hand pretty badly.  I can only put maybe 10% weight on it, so I may have some real issues for a while.  However, I will give you my review on the gym.

The Gym itself has been open for a long time.  Ever since I can remember, it has been there.  Therefore, it does show a little bit.  The gym uses shredded tire rubber, which some may not be fond of.  I typically don't mind it except that changing shoes in it is miserable.  Other than that, it's fine.  One thing I thought was odd was the lack of a water fountain.  I didn't bring a water bottle with me, so it would have been nice to get a drink.  Another thing that was odd was that the difficulty of the problems was set to about V7 and there were only two of them.  However, unlike Madison's gym, these were more like actual V7s.  There was one V8 and V9 but my finger prevented me from really trying them.  Lastly, I asked to go to their "members only" section.  In my head I thought it was going to be a place where their "sick projects" would be.  In reality, it was a bunch of V2s and V3s.  No problem with that, but it was a lot of space with not a whole lot of diversity.

Size of Facility:         Fair
Route Asthetics:         Good
Route Climbability:    Good
Route Maitenence:    Good
Training Equipment:  Fair
Staff Friendliness:       Good
Staff Knowledge:       Fair

Grade Trueness  V1-V4: True- -1  V5-V7: True V8+: Seemed True