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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dr. Pepper fixed gear

For those of you that knew me in college, you remember that I was really into bikes.  However, it was all really put on hold when I went into the Army and then lived in El Paso.  In El Paso, everything is so spread apart and there aren't that many places that are nice to ride your bike.  Here in Boston, however, I am riding at least 10 miles a day and really happy about it.  As an ode to my reignited passion, I have some pictures of my bike to put up.

I am so glad to be riding again.


For those of you wondering, the frame is a 1972 Astra Tour de France that I painted myself.  There aren't really any "sick" components on the bike, rather, just that is is simple and classic.  Just like the taste of Dr. Pepper...haha.  I crack myself up.