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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Boston Rock Gym - Woburn, MA

So this post is a little late but good nonetheless.  While my dad was still here, we went to Woburn and went to the Boston Rock Gym there.

Not knowing what to expect, I didn't think anything of it when we pulled up to your typical warehouse looking facade.  We went in and I was wonderfully surprised.

The first room we went in had maybe 30 V7 to V8s and was set to all styles of climbing.  There were overhangs, slopers, crimps, juggy problems and really tensiony Choir Boys type problems.

Of course, I was limited by my finger injury, but I got on some V9s regardless and they felt really true to grade.  They climbed well and were really fun.  One thing of note, was that the gym was actually kept at a pretty reasonable temperature.  Most gyms I visit are far too hot for the level of humidity present.

Of most notability was the training setup at the gym.  Among many other things they had, like ropes, rings and those gymnastics curtains, was a treadwall.  It was much more challenging than I remember it, but my shoes were not really conducive to some of the smaller holds.  Lots of fun though.  They also had your typical campus and hang boards on the adjacent wall.

Of there main rooms, there is one with a full crack spectrum.   Here I am attempting to knee jam, hand jam, and fingerlock all at once.

Thanks to my dad for these pictures.

Also, as an interesting fact, I think my dad should have been a climber.  He actually beat me at the grip tug of war game at the end of the session.

Size of Facility:          Great
Route Asthetics:         Good
Route Climbability:    Good
Route Maitenence:    Great
Training Equipment: Great
Staff Friendliness:       Great
Staff Knowledge:      Fair

Grade Trueness  V1-V4: - True  V5-V7: True V8+: True