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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cold Cold Cold!

Well, I finally bundled up and went out to climb in the cold.  I have to say that if you start out warm, and have a bit of a hike in, it really isn't that bad.  My problem with the cold is that I usually don't start out warm.

I didn't get on but one problem, but it felt nice to be on real rock.  It was maybe a little V2 at most but I played around on it doing different variations for about 30 min.  It helped that my back was to the sun, so I really stayed warm.  Unfortunately, to take these pictures, I stepped in the snow with my climbing shoes and my feet got very cold very quickly.

Regardless, I think that I may be able to get out to Farley Ledge and do some stuff on a particularly warm weekend.  That would be nice.

But since Mass is so cold, I have been confined to climbing in my basement on my hangboards, rock rings, and powerballs.  As the picture a few posts back has shown, I do have a small piece of plywood that has 5 t-nuts in it for switching out holds.  However, not being satisfied with that, I decided to put up more holds.  Being out of t-nuts and having a box full of broken holds, I decided to drill holes in the holds and make them screw-ons.  They worked beautifully and I successfully set a very difficult training problem across the length of my basement.  Most of the holds are pretty small and don't need much in the way of fasteners, so they now have two screws each.  I have worked the whole problem and when I get it I will try to snap a video to show how it goes.  Until then.